The Fencing Company donates temporary fencing to contain animals displaced from recent storm

After the devastating tornado that hit Lee County Animal Habitat and Rescue, The Fencing Company stepped up and donated temporary fencing to help contain the more than 400 animals that have been displaced by the tragic disaster that left the shelter roof and windows destroyed. Temporary fence rental of this magnitude would have cost the habitat and rescue thousands of dollars; money the shelter just didn’t have.

“Often times in a disaster, people forget about the animals,” said Sandra Tribble, shelter coordinator. “A temporary fence may seem like a non-permanent solution to a big problem, but during this time, it’s a lifesaver to these precious animals.

Lee County Animal Habitat and Rescue has used the temporary fence to contain it’s 400 plus animals. In addition to the temporary fence, the Fencing Company also donated tarps and other roof-like shelters to help protect the animals while they live in their temporary housing facilities.

“Many people don’t realize that temporary fence rentals have so many valuable uses,” said Bethany Kippert, Vice President of sales for The Fencing Company. “Temporary fencing uses go beyond construction and events and can be used for instances of disaster, temporary containment and more. We were honored to assist Lee County Animal Habitat and Rescue with their temporary fencing needs during this difficult time.”

Fortunately for the Lee County Animal Habitat and Rescue, the land the rescue sits on had 20 plus acres in the back that were debris-free after the tornado. The Fencing Company set into high-gear to setup the temporary fencing to continue the animals that fortunately were safe after the storm.

“We were lucky that the storm only destroyed the roof and windows of the facility, otherwise there would have been more damage,” said Tribble. “We plan to rely on the temporary fence rental for 6-8 weeks while we take the necessary time to rebuild.”

Volunteers are encouraged to continue to visit the facility. Temporary fencing has been installed to allow for a dog run and play area, in addition to the temporary fence that contains each of the animals. People looking to adopt pets are asked to hold off on their visits until the temporary fences have been removed and the animals are back in the original facility.